Bringing Sexy Back!

A Couples' Roadmap to Passion, Desire, and Satisfying Sex. 

Renew the passion and intimacy in your relationship without having to go to couples therapy!

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You dream (or maybe used to dream 😢) of a relationship full of passion, desire, and intimacy...

Deep down you believe that you and your partner have what it takes to achieve this!

Somewhere along the way, “life happened” and your sex life got pushed to the back burner.

You want to feel closer and more connected to your partner. 

You want sex to feel intimate, hot, and satisfying for both of you.

But, truth be told, you’re stuck in a rut!

You're desperately trying to communicate how you feel to your partner.

Racking your brain to get back to how it felt when you began your relationship.

But at the end of each day, one or both of you is taking the other for granted and you're definitely not doing the things you used to do during courtship.

There’s almost no passion. Maybe very little connection.

And frankly, there’s not much left in your tank.

You're wishing you had access to something to tell you where you guys are going wrong, and how to get back on track.  

Something with clear steps to follow for sex that feels intimate, connecting, playful, and pleasurable with your partner.

Well, it’s time for...

Bringing Sexy Back!

Hey there!
I'm Dr. Erica Marchand...

The licensed psychologist, couples and sex therapist behind Bringing Sexy Back!

I’m all about helping you have a more satisfying relationship with your partner, sexually and otherwise! 

Because what happens outside of the bedroom affects what happens IN the bedroom, and vice versa. By addressing both, we get the spark back!

I have helped tens of thousands of women all over the world create truly satisfying sex lives and relationships, and I would love to help you next.

Whether you have been together for 30 years or are starting a new relationship, you are in the right place.

I have all the tools and resources you need no matter what stage of your relationship you are in.

Dr. Erica Marchand

If your goal is to have a hot, fun, satisfying sex life and feel connected to your partner, I’ve got you covered.

I know what it takes to have a fulfilling sex life and to support other women on this journey.

And, here’s what I know about you…

You are clearly motivated and want better for yourself and your partner (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this!).

You have amazing love and caring for your partner, and you’ve been resilient through the ups and downs.

And, your relationship has MASSIVE potential but…

You’re frustrated.
You and your partner have tried talking about this before, but either it devolves into a fight, or you pour your heart out and then nothing really changes.
You’re overwhelmed.
You’ve got a partnership that you want to take care of, but also probably a job and maybe kids, parents, a dog, a cat, a bird...oh! And yourself, when you can find the time. :/ You’re good at juggling, but every once in a while you just want something to be easy!
You’re confused.
You and your partner used to not be able to keep your hands off each other. Or at least sex was easier than it is now. You have no idea how you guys went from spending entire weekends in bed together, to now having to look at the calendar to remember the last time you had sex. 
You’re exhausted.
You’re tired from alllll the stuff you have to take care of on a daily basis, but also tired of this struggle! Even if you and your partner aren’t arguing about sex, it’s always in the back of your mind. And the weight of that is so tiring.
And sometimes, you even feel defeated.
You might sometimes think that you guys just can’t get through this. Maybe you just have to resign yourself to a sexless relationship. Or to unsatisfying sex every once in a while. Or to the arguments about sex that happen kind of like clockwork.

Maybe you’ve even thought about opening up your relationship to solve the problem. You might be concerned that you or your partner might go outside the relationship to get your needs met. It’s such a heavy, difficult weight to carry that you sometimes think, f*** it, I’m done trying. 

When it comes to challenging moments like these in relationships, it's normal to wonder if you and your partner have what it takes...

After all, this is why so many relationships end without reaching their sexual potential.

People lack clarity on what to do next.

They struggle with confidence because nothing they’ve tried has worked.

They don’t know how to have a conversation with their partners about “needs” and “wants” in a way that draws their partner in, and not pushes them away.

Intimacy and a great sexual relationship aren't just luck, they're a process of getting everyone in the relationship aligned.

Everything is about to change for you...

Bringing Sexy Back!

A Couples' Roadmap to Passion, Desire, and Satisfying Sex. 

Dr. Erica is going to teach you her 3 B's framework to Bringing Sexy Back to your relationship...

Bringing Sexy Back was created by me, a doctor of psychology with 10+ years of experience as a sex and relationship therapist who knows exactly what it takes to dust off your sex life and make it sizzle again!

Follow my 3 B's framework and it will guide you from taking each other for granted to taking each others' clothes off!

Whether you're in a new relationship or have been together forever, the 3 B’s framework helps you figure out what your next steps should be.

Gives you the confidence and skills to ask your partner for what you want without alienating them or having them shut down. 

Shows you exactly what to say to stay connected and build intimacy with your partner.

Gives you the ability to feel aligned with your partner and find harmony around sex and intimacy.

Here's a breakdown of what you're going to learn during this program...

Bringing Sexy Back is a 7-week online program that takes you step-by-step through:

Clear steps to follow that I have developed over 10 years of working with couples so you’ll enjoy sex with your partner that feels intimate, connecting, pleasurable, satisfying, and hot.
Re-igniting the intimate connection in your relationship from the comfort of your own home, while saving thousands of dollars in expensive one-on-one sessions with a couples therapist (like me).
Reviving the spark in your sex life by learning to communicate, flirt, and be intimate with your partner again.
How to stop arguing about sex and instead have collaborative, productive conversations about what needs to change.
Using proven intimacy skills to enhance your sexual experience together.
Healing from past hurts that are draining your relationship and creating a space where positive energy and pleasurable intimacy can grow.
Evolving to a place where satisfying sex seems effortless, and where  you and your partner know how to deliver the things that arouse and stimulate each other.

Here's the schedule

Take the program at your own pace...



Introduction and Goal-Setting

Bringing Sexy Back is about reigniting the spark of excitement and desire in your relationship.

This is for anyone in any type of relationship who wants to make it better -- monogamous or poly or anywhere in between, any combination of genders, any age, married or not. You just need to be in a relationship where you want to love each other the best way you can. Getting the spark back is about a conscious decision and set of actions to take to have a better relationship. We’ll define what YOU mean by a better relationship and set goals for what you want your relationship to be.



Bonding and Why it Matters

A strong bond is the foundation of any lasting relationship. It allows you to explore and risk knowing that you have a safe place to come back to. It is the foundation of trust, without which you can’t have true intimacy. In this lesson, we’ll discuss what makes for a strong bond and assess how you and your partner are feeling about your own bond.



How Bonds are Broken and Built

Researchers can predict with a high level of accuracy whether a couple will be happy and stay together, or be unhappy and separate, based on watching their interactions years earlier.

Takeaway -- the time to pay attention to your bond is NOW. We’ll discuss the main things that bruise or break bonds, and the essential steps to building or rebuilding them.



Breathing Room

Healthy relationships are a dance between closeness and space. Desire requires some breathing room. Rekindling or maintaining a spark requires each of us having a spark within ourselves, and seeing it in each other. We can only do that with a healthy distance between us. This lesson will explore the balance between closeness and distance in your relationship, and what needs attention.



Bedroom IQ -- Assessment and Focus

When it comes to your sex life, we need to know where things are going well (high five) and what needs improvement, in order to know where to focus our attention. It’s important to know your needs and priorities -- and your partner’s, if applicable -- in order to make you both happy!

This lesson will help you identify what’s good and what needs attention *specifically* in the bedroom. Be prepared to blush and speak freely. 🙂



Knowing What You Want and Getting What You Need

This part is simple but not necessarily easy: If you don’t know what you like or want, you can’t be satisfied and your sex life will be underwhelming. Here we’ll talk about two important skills -- sexual self-awareness and sexual communication -- and how to master them so you and your partner can let the sparks fly in the bedroom.



Prioritizing Your Love Life

What we prioritize in our relationships grows, and what we don’t prioritize gets neglected. Intention and prioritization are the keys to a lasting connection. Here we’ll work on setting an intention for your relationship and sex life, and I’ll share strategies that I use with my own clients to ensure that your love life remains a high priority. 



Bringing Sexy Back Forever

Bringing sexy back is a day to day, lifelong decision, not ‘set it and forget it.’ Maintaining the spark requires intention and prioritization of each other and the tools we learned here. This part will help you solidify what you learned and changed in the previous 7 weeks and how to maintain that progress and keep moving forward.

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Here are answers to your most commonly asked questions

Do I have to join now?

There are specials on the price of the course from time to time. If you're interested in a special offer, get in now because I don't know when it'll be available for you again. You can begin and take it at your own pace even if you don't have the time to start today.

Do I have to do this with my partner? Can I do it alone?

It’s great if both partners are involved because then you have a shared understanding of the material, BUT you’ll still get huge benefits even if only one of you decides to do the course. You’ll gain your own understanding of your sexual relationship that you can use to make changes on your end, which will inevitably affect your partner as well.

We have a million things going on, do we have to stick to a certain schedule?

Nope! You can do one lesson a week, or every two weeks, or every month, or whatever works for your schedule. The course can be completely self-paced.

HOWEVER, if you want to participate in the live calls and go through the course together on the live schedule, you’ll want to make time weekly for the lessons and homework.

How long do we have to complete the program?

You can have access for as long as you want, so there’s no deadline to meet. You can go at your own pace, revisit lessons when needed, and even do it again if you want to. There’s no schedule to stick to or any cohort to keep up with.

We’re LGBTQ+ / we’re non-monogamous / our relationship is unique…is this course for us?

Yep! The course is designed to be inclusive of any couple who wants to examine and improve their sex life, not just straight couples or people in monogamous or “traditional” relationships.

What's the refund policy?

You’re either fully satisfied with the improvements in your relationship and sex life from this course, or just let me know within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price.

What if we are a couple who doesn’t have intercourse for one reason or another, but are still sexual…is this course relevant for us?

Yes! Sex doesn’t have to mean intercourse, and I know that many couples don’t have intercourse for a variety of reasons. This course is to understand and improve the sex life that YOU have, whatever that includes.

Does signing up for this course mean we’re bad at sex?

No! Sex is a living, breathing, evolving part of a relationship. Most couples at some point hit a roadblock or transition in their sexual relationship that requires some adjustment or re-setting. And sometimes you just want to improve on something that’s already pretty good! Signing up for the course just means that you’re proactive and you care about your sex life, nothing more.

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